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Default TAA 3-A Distribution & Finance Update !!!

Two more shipments out in today's mail:

brutus - 300 TAAs
Raymond C. (FL) - 300 TAAs (Raymond is a Klansman and friend of emac, and GA Klan leader, J.J. Harper).

NOTE: This makes nearly 5,000 TAAs for brutus, who I believe is our 4th most prolific distributor, behind Todd, Chain, and Ron Doggett. But SA Mann, Ironguard1940, and oh golly are contesting mightily for that honored spot.

Mones came in today's mail, as follows:

C.L. (MO) - $10 in payment for TAAs previously sent
Mechanic (MA) - $64.00 in payment for 400 TAAs previously sent
Augustus Sutter (PA) - $160.00 in payment for 1,000 TAAs previously sent
retepb (PA) - $100.00 for 1,000 TAAs he and friends will distribute
Proud White Guy (CA) - $100.00 for 300 TAAs attached to note telling me to keep the remaining $52.00 for birthday gift. Thanks anyway PWG, but I don't accept gifts. The $52.00 will go into TAA Fund. Just knowing you're an activist is gift enough for me.

Many thanks to the above recognized loyal VNN'ers.

Who's next to pledge support ???

Send check, cash, or MO to:

Glenn Miller
POB 3861,
Springfield, MO 65808
tel: 417-463-7703

50 TAAs. . . $8.00 total
100 TAAs. . .$16.00 total
200 TAAs. . .$32.00 total (we pay shipping)

NOTE: We're far short of the amount necessary to pay printers for 50,000 copies of our next edition, due out next month. So send smo money. It's important.
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