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Originally Posted by Steve B
Heh, as if Linder doesn't have enough troubles, now 'himself has Fade on his team. Hey, maybe VNN could start a new show in place of Goyfire. Call it the Crass and Ass show.
LOL. It is indeed odd that Fade hops in Alex's corner at this hour.

I want to emphasize though, I actually agree with most of Fade's points. I have no axe to grind against Rounder, and all along I have withheld my criticisms against the TAA (I didn't want to rain on anyone's parade during the apparent excitement), but I always quietly believed the future was Internet. Why anyone would think otherwise is beyond me. I guess it feels safer to be behind the curve instead of in front of it.

Believe it or not, the phone calling tactic has been tried. A guy named Ryan Wilson had a little group called "Alpha" about ten years ago, and he promoted it in his area using several auto-dialing phones. At the time, that created quite a stir among the "hate"-watching set.

I did the drive-by lit(t)erature thing for a few years back. There is little empirical data on its effectiveness. I believe Pringle once said he got something like three inquiries on ten thousand tosses. Myself and another guy got a main story on the evening news of the local TV station for about two thousand (IIRC) tosses. That was fun, I guess.

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