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This was a really smart move on your part. I never figured out why you jumped head first into print from the internet when the print media itself is rushing to the internet. That makes no sense.
Yes, the internet is the future, however the TAA at this point in time and until the public’s transition from one media medium to the other is complete, print tabloids do indeed make that sorely needed bridge to bring in readers onto the blogs and forums. There are no other practical venues open to WN, the jew has seen to that. I think that Alex is astute enough to mete-out the proper emphasis and to delegate the correct measure of resources to each for a smooth transition as we go forward.

The new blog interface on your frontpage is another good idea. It's far more cost effective for one. Blogs like Instapundit and DailyKos have a circulation larger than many mainstream newspapers and magazines. Forums like Free Republic raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you have limited means and really want to reach people, then blogs, forums, websites, and radio are obviously the way to go.
This is right, but why do you still insist on believing-in the bogus world of politics in this artificial world created by the jew? I say this, because those blogs mentioned are just that, contrived opposition designed to draw attention away from authentic White issues. The circulation you tout here says nothing. The National Enquirer has a beefy circulation as well. So What! They are all ultimately tied to that jewy premise of profit for the sake of profit. White Nationalism’s real attraction comes from the fact that our ideals aren’t for sale. And they aren’t to be made into a jewish commercial venture. Any attempt to steer in that direction will lose the WN right wing and those who will ultimately be responsible for getting our ass out of this jam. The TAA is a labor of love, dedicated to White people and that is why there are those willing to get involved for no compensation. This concept is alien to the jew, but not to us. To us, it is everything.

The internet was always your base. Indeed, the only reason you were able to launch and finance TAA in the first place was because your website and forum allowed disconnected racial dissidents to connect with each other.
This is right.

Why do you keep TGM around? He doesn't know what he is doing. He whines and moans about how "anonymous internet typists" are do nothing cowards (in effect, demoralizing your supporters), but it ultimately doesn't matter how an idea reaches people or who transmits it. You could call yourself Elvis Presley or Santa Claus. It wouldn't make the slightest difference if you are able to reach people and convince them that you are right. Finally, if you really want to contact people who are not being reached over the internet, why not simply call them at home? Their telephone numbers can be found in any phone
Why do you ask a provocative question like this and then go on challenging his personal choice of associates? It’s as if your calling Linder an idiot.

And as far as using the phone to spread the word, the jew telemarketers have done a good job pissing people off with that technology, so much so, that many state governments have past laws to stop that invasive form of marketing or seriously limited it’s ability to reach people. Maybe the jew put those laws in place just to fuck with us?
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