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Originally Posted by Mike
LOL. It is indeed odd that Fade hops in Alex's corner at this hour.

I want to emphasize though, I actually agree with most of Fade's points. I have no axe to grind against Rounder, and all along I have withheld my criticisms against the TAA (I didn't want to rain on anyone's parade during the apparent excitement), but I always quietly believed the future was Internet. Why anyone would think otherwise is beyond me. I guess it feels safer to be behind the curve instead of in front of it.

Believe it or not, the phone calling tactic has been tried. A guy named Ryan Wilson had a little group called "Alpha" about ten years ago, and he promoted it in his area using several auto-dialing phones. At the time, that created quite a stir among the "hate"-watching set.

I did the drive-by lit(t)erature thing for a few years back. There is little empirical data on its effectiveness. I believe Pringle once said he got something like three inquiries on ten thousand tosses. Myself and another guy got a main story on the evening news of the local TV station for about two thousand (IIRC) tosses. That was fun, I guess.
The internet might be "the future", but the future ain't here yet. And less than half of White adults are proficient with computers. In the South, it's probably less than one third. And most computer literates also read newspapers. The jews and their PC gentile whores crank out tens-of-millions of newspapers every freakin day. So shut the hell up about newspapers not working.

TAA resulted in at least 300 TV, radio, or newspaper reports, coast to coast; many dozens of interviews of me or Alex, including 3 one-hour radio talk show invites in which I spoke uncensored to hundreds of thousands; VNN'ers uncensored letters-to-editors that would not have been printed except for TAA distributions; TV interviews in my home, plus many dozens via phone, that were broadcasted. And our website and my home phone number were advertised FREE via dozens of system newspapers inside LTEs and system news reportings. Resulting in 300-400 phone calls to me, and by way of emails to Alex. None of this would have happened without TAA and our loyal contributors and distributors. And without TAA, VNNF would be little more than a book club for anonymous, pointy-headed, intellectual do-nothings, and not the forum for WN ACTIVISTS it's become.

Yes, we'll use the internet to our maximum extent. But we'll also use TAA, our printed media as an additional weapon, and to reach those we're unable to reach on the net.

The illegal alien nightmare is awakening millions of Whites. And they're starting to voice their outrage publicly. This means they'll be far more receptive to TAA's than ever before.

TAA has already been a huge success, and at only 8 cents per copy to print, is super cost effective in EXPOSING THE GD KIKES, and properly educating White folks about jews being responsible for American's racial nightmares. TAA will not only continue to be successful, it will become even more successful, thanks mainly to ZOG's inevitable legalizations of tens-of-millions of illegal aliens, which is THE wake up call for White Americans.

Those who criticise TAA or question TAA's value and effectiveness are either subversives or misguided, non-thinking idiots.

Hail TAA !!!
“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” —–Voltaire