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Originally Posted by SSanguine View Post
Okay ... I'm trying to decide what gun I want for Christmas ... I have a few that I have picked out .... and I want pearl grips ;-/

So which one should I get --
I would say get the Taurus but not the one you pictured. Here are my reasons. They are cheap, accurate, reliable, durable, and have an excellent warranty that exists to the lifetime of the gun not just the owner. This means you can buy a used Taurus and if it hasn’t been beaten with a hammer you can send it back to the factory for free repairs.

Unlike S&W, which holds value, Taurus is actually increasing in value. You may buy a new one now, keep it for a couple years and actually get more than you paid for it if you decide to sell it.

Now why I say not the one you pictured. Rubber grips are better if not as pretty as pearl grips. It is to fancy for a carry gun, you should get an airweight which is durable and makes a great carry gun. They feel like a few quarters in your pocket and if you have something heavy you won’t be carrying it. For a female the airweight is the best way to go. And remember just because something feels good in your hands in the gun shop doesn’t mean it is going to feel good in your pocket 12 hours a day. get a gun you would carry.
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