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Originally Posted by sean(doc)martin View Post
Oh yes of course that has to be it. It is better to save 5 cents on a round and spend 300% more on a gun. The reason just as I stated is because soldiers asked for something with more firepower. The M-16 is lighter, holds more rounds and doesn’t have barrel climb so it is more accurate if you shot more than once.

If a person is sitting on a hill shooting one target at a time then the M-14 or similar weapons would be idea but if you have to shot more than once you need more firepower even if you lose knockdown power.

Soldiers with 6 weeks of weapons training would just take expert aimed head shots with 4,000 gooks, Arabs or whatever bearing down on them and let go with a 8 round clip. Arabs laying down rapid fire from 30 round AK’s and these 18-year-old soldiers who just picked up a gun 6 weeks ago will calmly take aim and pick the Arabs off one by one. I don’t know what fantasyland you are living in but real people even true marksmen are not calm enough to take surgical shots in combat.

Ever notice how the clowns who live in countries with complete or near complete gun bans are always the experts and think everyone should go back to 100 year old weapons because that is all they have ever seen. The favorite saying is “I have never shot a Glock but I can tell you why they are bad”, or a similar gun.

You also have some kind of myth of people who get high and go out in mass numbers on crime sprees and won’t be turned away from anything less than a mortar round. Stop watching Charles Bronson movies and join the military, wait this is the Internet and you were a highly decorated soldier who saw combat all over the world and could hit a penny at a thousand yards while rounds bounced off the ground 3 inches from your head.

Tell us how successful countries that still use the M-1 Garand are again? How about the FAL, most countries that use that don’t do worth a squat in combat situations.
that's a fact ,Jack, if I could have stopped shaking long enoungh I might have been a better shot...but I just hosed em down with my M16