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Originally Posted by Richard H. View Post
for th sake of argument; the only reason the gooks used the russian or chinese version of the AK47 was NOT for accuracy, the 5.56 round will shoot circles around the 7.62 round.
Up close at around 100 yards from my experience the AK is very accurate. I have built up a couple on a budget to actually look like ARís. They preformed very well.

I hate to admit that I love the AK, however I think it is silly as some here have claimed that the AR has no power, accuracy, penetration or knockdown power. I think the AK vs AR debate is one that will never be resolved.

Have you ever WITNESSED in person and AK47 in action?
Sadly 95% of the people I have seen shoot an AK have done so from the hip.

the only saving grace about it is they NEVER jam, throw them in the mud, water, dirt whatever; the tolerances are so loose it's almost impossible to make them lock up,
Now with dust covers and proper maintenance the AR is supposed to perform with almost the same

There are things I like about each of them, the AK is tough and a monkey could be an expert with it in a half hour (including tearing completely down). The AR is more accurate, can carry more ammo, has more upgrades and has a better magazine release.

this is the voice of experience speaking.
Which really makes your word more meaningful than the rest of us. I have been on the range, field and shop with both but never in combat.

Now; on the other hand; if you want to spend a load of money on a single weapon having it accurized, you can get some decent range,
Thankfully today there is TAPCO and one can do a low buck upgrade of the AK for about $150 which still brings the total price to $500 or under comparable to $900 for the most bare bones AR a person can buy. I really miss the days of $75 SKSís.
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