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Originally Posted by Roy Wagahuski View Post
Read the actual meaning of the straw-man fallacy and then disappear, please.
You are making assumptions about things I'm not even suggesting.

The most relied upon, scientifically accurate trajectory-generator available shows an average 2-3" drop for any common commercial .45acp load, in any common pistol or revolver, zeroed at 25 yards, fired at 50. You call that misleading? You have a better calculator than they do? Show us.
Yeah and what something says on paper doesn't necessarily apply to real world results. Those results assume someone is absolutely perfect with the firearm. Those results are for the BEST possible scenario shot from the best possible marksmen.

Again with your fallacious popular appeal to "everyone" on what is a matter of fact, not opinion.
I shoot with former police officers, former military, and with avid hunters. None of them would trust a .45 ACP at 50 yards. But then again, none of them are master marksmen with the pistol either.

Fact is, decent 50-yard (and farther) groups with all kinds of handgun/cartridge combinations are rather boringly common, as a simple google image search will prove.
A 4" diameter group is possible for a master marksmen, using a 1911, but most people aren't going to hit anywhere close to that. Best I can do is a 15" group with my H&K .45 at 50 yards, but my 25 yard group is far better. With a Glock 19? I don't even try to hit anything at 50 yards.

So yeah, I'm saying I'd use a .22lr that I can shoot a 1" group with at 50 yards over a pistol where the best I can do is a 15" group at 50 yards. Make sense to you? Makes sense to me. Does that mean I should practice more with a .45 ACP, sure, but I know enough about where I stand as a marksmen to know which guns would get me the best results in a particular situation. And this is only if I had to choose between a .45 ACP pistol, or a .22lr shot from an actual rifle.

Then blame yourself, instead of all guns and all ammo above your handicap.
Did I ever claim I was a master marksman with a .45ACP pistol? You assume an ammo type is a handicap, has nothing to do with the ammo type and more about the firearm that shoots that ammo type. Any well rounded marksmen is going to be less accurate with a pistol than revolvers or rifles.

And you never answered my question as to why I would have to re-sight my .300 WSM rifle in after changing ammo types at a distance of 300 yards? If drop is consistent with all ammo types, then I shouldn't have to do that. You haven't answered because you don't know. Having trouble using google to find it? You are just googling stuff up and posting it without any real experience in shooting firearms. Come back when you actually get some exp under your belt. Some exp outside of internet trolling.