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Originally Posted by Karl Lueger View Post
jews dont exist eitehr..
judaism is just a belief, not a fact and not qualified as actual identity.
therefore there is No such thing antisemitism, no such thing as Zionism, no such thing as israel, all just social constructs

and since jews do not exirs as a specific genetically discernible group..?/
there was never a shoa in 1940s Poland, because it is not possible to kill millions of jews when they never existed in the first place...

also, sine there are no whites, there are also no blacks, therefore there is NO such thing as racism and no such thing as diversity,
whic means the social-political construct from africa has NO valid reason to immigrate/invade Europe.
The existence of Jews is subjective to the tribes needs.
They have the special ability to pop in and out of existence when necessary.
When they need to be martyrs, they simply walk into the magic air raid shelter.
The door is closed behind them and when it is opened a few minutes later they have disappeared into the land of eternal victim hood and crowned Holy Martyrs of the Shoah.
When they need to use this martyrdom to invade and take over a nation, they suddenly reappear and become a Tsunami of woeful faced refugees returning to their God given homeland, a right prophesied in the book they wrote.
You know the book, the one where they say that God made them special.
God, in his infinite wisdom, made the Jews better than rest of us and we are here to be their slaves.
"Oh shit,..look at the cock roaches."
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