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Hi there Jeffrey! I didn't really know if I was going to get a response or not. It's nice to know I did. Anyways, Yeah, i live up on the coast towards st augustine. There is a huge "jimmy buffett" community being built nearby, I can't wait for all the old beach bums to come moving in. I work at a community hospital, which means we give services to all, regardless of if u can pay or not. It has been a real eye opener, as we get to deal with the areas' finest individuals. The blacks r soooo ignorant and frankly quite dumb-it disgusts me that we the tax payers get to pay for these sub humans. They don't care about trying to help themselves, and so we see the same ones as "repeat customers" . And then the homeless people, that come in that are hyped up on drugs that cuss u out, or say crude things to the females i work with. And the jew doctors i get to work with, seem to always have this god complex and talk patients into pointless procedures to make extra money. Oh how corrupt the healthcare industry is. A lot of my coworkers are libs, and so trying to argue on a topic is pointless-they don't even listen to u. If i could switch gears and get into something else, i would. Hopefully some day i can find a new career. Sorry to vent, but having to interact with these types of people really is aggravating-yet i am only just another cog in the wheel of the industrial complex. lol. Gotta work to obtain the American dream-my ass. Today is a beautiful day out, and so i am going to do some gardening. Plants are therapeutic to me, along with motorcycle rides, exercise, baking, and spending time at the beach with my doggos. What do u do in your free time to combat the disgust and frustration of society????