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Originally Posted by T.Garrett View Post
Do you think I'm a bad tempered old man who should chill out?

Be honest (I know you will be )
'Bad tempered' , 'old man' ?

. . dude , I don't know your age.

'Bad tempered' ? We all have our mood-swings from time to time . .

. . even on internet-forums . .

So . . don't know your age and 'bad-tempered' is something we all can be / are from time to time . .

Why do you ask?

P.S. : I certainly wouldn't dictate to people how to deal with people they don't like/ who have provoked them online ( noticed you went through some quarrels with members )

The internet is one of the few places where one can still talk openly.

Sorry , this question may not have had something to do with this thread but I wouldn't owe an answer .