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Iran-linked terrorists caught stockpiling explosives in north-west London

"Terrorists linked to Iran were caught stockpiling tonnes of explosive materials on the outskirts of London in a secret British bomb factory, The Daily Telegraph can reveal

The discovery was shocking. Thousands upon thousands of small packages gathered together, each one containing ammonium nitrate - a common component in homemade bombs.

To innocent eyes, the disposable ice packs looked innocuous enough. By folding one, the water pouch inside would burst and mix with the contents, rapidly turning cold.

But in this case the purpose was sinister. By cutting them open, pure ammonium nitrate could be extracted"

Bolton to present evidence Iran was behind Gulf tanker attacks

The United States could present evidence linking Iran to attacks on oil tankers off the coast of the United Arab Emirates earlier this month to the United Nations Security Council as early as next week, US National Security Adviser John Bolton said on Thursday.

Speaking during a visit to the UK, Bolton reiterated earlier claims suggesting that Iran was behind the May 12 attack on four commercial ships in the Gulf.

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