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Meghan Markle News: 'More in lust than in love' - The quip that ENRAGED Prince Harry

PRINCE Harry fell out with his childhood friend after he quipped he was “more in lust than in love” with Meghan Markle.

By Rachel Russell
PUBLISHED: 00:00, Sun, May 12, 2019 | UPDATED: 15:41, Sun, May 12, 2019

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their new son Archie into the world this week, just a year after they tied the knot. The royal couple have had a whirlwind few years after falling in love in 2016. But one of the prince’s oldest friends was not originally convinced the couple’s relationship would last long.

Prince Harry reportedly froze out Tom Inskip after Meghan called him an “unsettling influence” following his doubts about the pair rushing into an engagement.

Mr Inskip, who is nicknamed Skippy, has known Harry since their schooldays at Eton.

But he was not invited to Meghan and Harry’s evening reception at Frogmore House last May.

A source close to the couple said: “But the real reason Tom was made no longer welcome by Meghan is that she had learned he had dared to question Harry over whether he really felt he was doing the right thing in marrying her.

“All the poor guy did, during a heart to heart with the prince, was to venture that Harry might be infatuated, more in lust than love, and maybe he might think about cooling things down before rushing into a proposal.
However, Prince Harry seems to have had a change of heart since the birth of his first son.

Mr Inskip was said to be “delighted” to receive a phone call from his schoolfriend, who was keen to share his big news immediately.
“Tom is genuinely happy that he was proved wrong about Meghan - because he, like everyone else, can see that they are absolutely devoted to each other.

It's amazing how the mulatta controls every aspect of cuck boy Harry's life.

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