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Stewart Meadows
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Stewart Meadows

I started this thread because I wanted to show our readers that jews are responsible for the disgusting, destructive, subversive race-mixing propaganda that people all over the West are being subjected to. And it's not just pornography because we see the same thing in mainstream movies, TV series, commercials, etc., and the most common combination is – yes, you guessed it – negro + white (usually blonde) woman.

Here's one of countless examples – a stupid (but apparently expensive) Christmas ad in which a negro and a white woman fall in love with each other:

J. Walter Thompson London created the ‘You Shall Find Your Fairytale Christmas’ ad campaign.

J. Walter Thompson is owned by WPP plc, whose CEO, Martin Sorrell, is a jew:

Sir Martin Stuart Sorrell (born 14 February 1945) is a British businessman and the chief executive officer (CEO) of WPP plc. (...) Martin Stuart Sorrell was born in London on 14 February 1945 to a Jewish family

The chairman of WPP plc, Philip Lader, is also said to be a jew.