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Originally Posted by Stewart Meadows View Post
Thank you for that lovely mental picture.
Definitely not very lady like.

Anyway, the Chinese are utter scum. They eat dogs, spiders, tiger penises, you name it. These savages routinely torture all kinds of animals to death in order to use their corpses for food, and as ingredients in their "traditional medicine". I wrote about some of these disgusting things in my thread about the jewish influence in China.
I've heard that chinks torture animals to death because they believe it makes their meat taste better, or more tender. Etc, boiling dogs alive instead of giving them a quick death before boiling them. I couldn't give a damn less if they eat dogs, or cats, but the methods in which they slaughter animals is extremely deranged. At least as deranged as a presumed female going into details about their bowel issues.
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