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Originally Posted by Frank Randall View Post
"A class thing"?

That is as rich as a butcher's turd, quite frankly.

I do not know what passes for class where you come from but trying to take the piss out of the names of comrades' children in a shabby attempt to liven up your board is not my idea of class. In fact this is more akin to the actions of a Jewish shill.
Listen up, brainless. I started this thread with an article I liked. AA chimed in with his own children's names. Several of which obviously fit what the author Magary was talking about. Someone pointed that out. I pointed out that AA's class isn't capable of figuring this out. AA responded with a demand that I comment on the names he gave his children. Which I did.

Something your class doesn't realize: people who actually are what your ilk would call classy (without ever actually knowing what they're talking about) would never use the term.

This place is an enigma to me. I see some fine writers here but a lot of what is said here puts me in mind of white niggers.

I am appalled.
It's an enigma because you're not very smart.

"I am appalled."

Only women talk like that. Maybe you should go bra shopping or something, and leave the serious discussions to the men, eh peaches?

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