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I'm pretty sure you had some loose fucking scumbags among the allied forces(IE; US, Britain, Canada), but its not like they mass murdered the Germans. I know the most atrocities were commited by the russians. Above all it's a fact to mention that Germans, even though they just used the Americans were far better off with them then with the communists. But it's not like the germans were nice against the russians either. You have to realize millions of slavs or russians were murdered in that blitzkrieg campaign that was unleashed by the nazis, but they were stupid the nazi high command, because the soldiers duty is to fight the enemy militairy wise and not go wiping out entire villages. It created those pain in the ass partisans in the first place. Thats why the germans couldnt keep it up either in the ostfront because their logistics were constantly disrupted by millions of these young partisans who probably lost entire generations of family members in the hands of German soldiers. I sincerely think the Germans could have defeated the Soviet armies faster and easier if it wasnt for people who thought they could play general. The Germans could've won the heart and minds of the people who suffered from Stalin and whatnot. I'm not saying the rapes and murders of millions of German people were of the result of German massmurdering of russians but it shouldn't have happened if there werent poor decision making by the nazis, im thinking in the militairy broader side.