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Default The Legal Situation in Ireland

Censorship of ICP: Philosophical Society, T.C.D. Withdraws Speaking Invitation

On the 14 January the Philosophical Society, Trinity College Dublin, issued an invitation to the PRO of Immigration Control Platform, Áine Ní Chonaill, to debate against the Lisbon Treaty on Thursday 14 January. The invitation was withdrawn on Tuesday 12 February, due to the fact that "more than one speaker", presumably on the No side, had refused to speak if ICP were speaking.

Kieran Allen of the Socialist Workers' Party and UCD was one of those lined up on the No side. He had previously refused to speak in UCD for the same reason.

We have no idea if Declan Ganley of took up such a position.

ICP is like Ronseal. It does what it says on the tin. We stand for immigration control. So, allegedly, does every government in the world, so it must be a very respectable position. The difference is that we mean it; they don't.

Ironically, the original invitation contained this sentence: "Since its foundation, the Philosophical Society has consistently been a forum for the radical debate of issues that both reflect and affect society"

[Read here what ICP would have said at the debate

LINK | PDF Version | ICP Statement on Lisbon Treaty]