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Stewart Meadows

Here are some excerpts from a very good article about the jews' filthy race-mixing pornography that was published on Return of Kings:

The Hidden Agenda Behind Interracial Pornography

Jean-Batave Poqueliche March 9, 2017

With so much winning for the anti-globalists and patriots lately, it is easy to observe delicious amounts of salt on social media. Add to that the riots in Charlotte, Baltimore, Ferguson or Milwaukee and you have the ideal recipe for impotent anti-white rage.

The left and their zombies observed that following their defeats, calling “racist” anyone who disagrees with them stopped working. So they decided that it was time to change targets. The evil white won’t bow in mind so they will attack his flesh.

Who creates this type of imagery?

As I detailed in a previous article, “every man has the sacred right to prefer one woman over another based on what attracts him.” But the fact that the media fuels the anti-white sentiment is where I draw the line.

Any man hates the idea that his right to breed will be stolen by another. There is a very primal dimension in this hate. But the over-representation of black men on white girls in the media is fairly recent, especially in porn. Jews have a disproportionate role in the production of pornography in general.

Here’s a list of Jews who own the main pornographic networks :

VIVID, the largest porn site in the world, ran by Steve Hirsch and Bill Asher
AVN Media – Paul Fishbein, Irv Slifkin, Barry Rosenblatt
PMG Inc/ Private – Charles Prast
Spiegler Girls, owned by Mark Spiegler (also owner of the paedophile website NAMBLA.ORG)

But it is interesting to observe that almost ALL the distributors and creators of interracial porn are Jewish:

Dogfart, owned by Cable Rosenberg – site that proposes scenes of “cuckold sessions”, “watching my daughter go black” and “interracial blowbang”
Skweezme, the “Netflix of porn” owned by Mike Kulich (Kulich offers “racist” celebs the chance to star in his interracial porn)
Blacked, owned by Greg Lansky, from France
Complains have been filed about videos that appear on popular porn sites that depict “the black master race”, attacking “whiteboyz”, “little crackers” and throwing around racial slurs directed at whites. The content revolves around fucking white “daughters, mothers” and insisting on the fact that it will cleanse our race through interracial breeding.

These videos are anonymously uploaded, vetted by host websites and remain online despite their illegal nature.

IR porn is not profitable, it is political

“Black” is at the bottom and interracial does not even appear. It simply does not sell

This pretend racism can’t escape the reality of things, even with their masters telling them to comply. Many white girls in the business ask for extra money to perform with black men, mixed Latinas or otherwise are registered as whites in many of the productions they star in or can flat out refuse to have sex with black people on camera. When they state their preferences or choose what seems the best for their (short and sore) career, they are automatically branded as racist.

One of the unfortunate things for porn producers trying to push the (((weak white cuckold agenda))) is that apart from low T balding white Men (it would be interesting to search the browser history of male democrats that voted Hillary), (((interracial porn))) is not popular among a majority of young men and women, white or not.
Whereas white porn actors can work with average penises, it is simply not an option for blacks. Recruiters will go through hundreds of thousands of applicants, narrowing down their selection like cattle before parading a handful of “performers” like circus animals. All of that to create profit and force the debunked bigger black dick myth.

“Studies” that show a longer average length among blacks are always self-reported. So do “maps of penis sizes”, created on websites where anyone can upload anything and no one gives sources. Here are two scientific, reliable measurement studies:

Penile measurements on rural Tanzanian males
Condomania’s List of States by Penis Size based on sales: Highest average size : North Dakota (1.08% black population) / Lowest average size: Mississippi (37.6% black population)