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Originally Posted by Thad Charles View Post

No, I haven't read Rosenberg's book but I've read summaries. He likes the Manichaeism gnostic 'heresy' which obviously isn't like CI, I agree, especially in that it rejects the entire Old Testament - and also more importantly doesn't claim that White people descended from "real" Jews. That's a pretty disgusting part of CI to me personally.
The inclusion of the jew bible, the Old Testament, was probably a political move on the part of the early Jesus cult, an attempt to gain credibility and give the impression that they had a history behind them. They were actually an upstart cult that sprang up among the slaves and bottom strata of Roman society. Someone here, I think it was John Q. Ferguson in another thread, gave several New Testament quotes that appeared to support slavery. Of course they do. Slavery was a way of life for a sizable number of early xtians. A message that they should accept their lot because they would gain their reward in an afterlife was music to their ears.

The message of the Jesus cult truly was a huge break from traditional Judaism. In fact it isn't even close, there is a difference of kind between the meek acceptance of the tribulations of this world and their focus on an afterlife, as espoused by the New Testament, and the bloodthirsty rapaciousness of the jew's Old Testament, with it's insane tribal god.

Of course maybe ol' Yahway completely changed his attitude after he finally got laid, a virgin at that, and after a shot of some of that jew poon-tang he mellowed right out.

I admire Rosenberg for attempting to replace the more odious forms of Christianity that were holding back some of the National Socialist program. It would have unified the churches. I may have tended to accept this type of Christianity for pragmatic reasons, to unite the White race but...I don't know. It still seems Jewish and for principle reasons would be difficult to implement wholeheartedly.
I used to tend toward the attitude that WN should avoid antagonizing nominal xtians. Years ago when I first arrived in WV and went to work for Dr. Pierce we had an older, and vastly more experienced gentleman on staff who was kind of my mentor for awhile. He always said there could be NO COMPROMISE with our ideology and that an attempt at accommodation with xtianity fundamentally undermined our message of biological racism and would fatally weaken it. I kind of based my ideas of xtians on educated Americans of an older generation who considered themselves xtians but never questioned science, they believed in evolution and had an open mind about things scientific, most of them if pressed would have admitted they thought of the bible as the mythology of an earlier time.

The gentleman in question, BTW, was a certain Will Williams who hailed from the state of NC. I don't think he would mind me mentioning his name in this context.

He was right, as I came to fully understand later.

Hope to get some expert opinion on this because it's an interesting topic.
I ain't an expert but I agree it is an interesting topic.

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