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Default Jew pornographer is upset because white porn stars refuse to have sex with negroes

Vile jew pornographer "James Deen" is upset because white porn stars refuse to have sex with negroes in his movies:

Pornography has a big race problem

The last four times porn star James Deen tried to cast a black male performer in a scene for his website, the female star or her agent refused. (…) “It’s gross and racist, and I’m just sick of it,” says Deen. “It’s rampant s--- that’s making it really difficult to actually get any sort of interesting scenes or to actually have a diverse group of performers, because what ends up inevitably happening is every scene just turns into a bunch of white people, and it’s getting really frustrating.”

And in the following article from the jewish newspaper Haaretz, shitbag "Deen" talks about how his jewish origin has shaped his life and work:

The Jewish Porn Star Next Door

I never really bought into the faith-God type of situation, but what I did enjoy was the Zionist movement, the culture behind it, the community. (…)I identify with Judaism as a culture, and the culture encouraged me to learn, ask questions and strive for knowledge. I know how to shoot and light and edit, because I’m always trying to strive for knowledge at work. I don’t think I would have this type of mentality if I didn’t have my Jewish upbringing.

In the article from Business Insider we learn that interracial pornography isn't profitable (it can actually hurt a white porn star's career), yet jews keep producing it. Why do you think that is? Post your thoughts.