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Originally Posted by Stewart Meadows View Post

I've never understood this Asian girl fetish that many Western men seem to have. I don't have anything against Asians and I really don't want to insult them, but this has to be said: Asian women have large, flat noses like negroes, they have small breasts and flat asses. Who on earth could find that attractive?

Gladiatrix speaks the truth. I've read articles about this subject that were written by doctors, and yes, fags really do shove light bulbs (and other objects) up their asses. And according to the jewish media, fags who do this are perfectly normal whereas heterosexual people who oppose them are branded sick and evil. Think about that, folks.

Yes, you're absolutely right, Emily, and that's not a coincidence since jews have a leading role in the promulgation of destructive, subversive feminist propaganda. The jews who control the American entertainment industry try to reverse gender roles by promoting feminine men and masculine women, and the disgusting John Lennon Yoko Ono picture is just one of countless examples.

Yes, I know, and I'm sorry about that, but when you start threads about the jews' destructive influence in our society, you have to cover distasteful subjects like faggotry, pedophilia, interracial pornography, coprophilia, etc., since these are the things that jews promote.

Of course, you already know this since you're a long-time VNN member. I guess I'm using your post to explain it to newbies and lurkers.
I think flatter ass is better than the fat asses on sheboons and spics.

What about Jo Kuk-hyang's nose? Again these are not your average gooks though, the ones picked out by Kim Jong Un for the band.