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Default #1 Epiphanies Thread

This is going to be the best thread we've ever had.

This subject interests me more than getting the next hit interested the rat those rotten scientists taught to tap the crack bar.

That means I make the first post, and I will make it tomorrow after I do my kick-restarter podcast.

So don't post in here until I give the go-ahead, or as God is my witness, I will use IP combined with bat echolocation to find your house, go there, and cunt punt you.

What you can do is...think about epiphanies you've had.

An epiphany is not some trivial insight. Nor is it a fucking horseshit religious revelation, which is a thing pertaining to congirls.

An epiphany is a much deeper than usual and of-a-sudden enlightening into the nature of a slice of the connections that form the world and its myriad interoperations. You aren't vouchsafed more than a few of them in a lifetime. I have had my few, and I will lay them out first. I have to attain to a certain mood to access the flow-feeling that is necessary to convey the depth and piquancy of these insights or they sound merely mundane. If I had frequent access to these feelings, I would be a novelist. But I don't. It's not so easy to achieve, like an 80-year-old trying to beat off to a picture of an adult Tina Yothers.

I mean what I say about cunt-punting. Don't fuck with me!

But when I give the signal, I want to see some quality epiphanies, I'm not kidding about that.

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