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I am a ginger. Of Irish heritage.
I've a shaved head and a red beard, very pale skin that never gets a tan. I am also very short-tempered in real life.

I Believe we were the original Vikings.

The genetic causes, ethnic origins and history of red hair - Eupedia

The Viking Origins Of The Red Hair Gene

Did the Vikings actually bring the red hair gene to the British Isles?

Professor Donna Heddle also explained that the perception according to which the invading Viking raiders of the British Isles were blond is nothing more but a mere misconception.
According to the same theory, the Norsemen were likely red headed. This may be true, at least in part.
Not that many Viking warriors were naturally blond, indeed. In fact, blond hair was very much sought after in Viking Age Scandinavia and many Norsemen dyed their hair blond.

There are so many redhead stereotypes. and they seem to match my personality. (Being hot-headed, more sexually active, etc)

6 Facts About Redheads That You Didn’t Know (or Got Wrong)

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