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Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
Sorry, this is one time I have to disagree with Hitler about redheads being deviants (assuming he actually said that).
I don't know if he ever said that . .( haven't really looked into Hitler's opinion on redheads . . .)
Originally Posted by Skinhead Zack View Post
I am a ginger. Of Irish heritage.
Yes, there are a lot of people of Irish heritage in North America ( especially in the USA . . .) . .
The U.S. did start out as an English colony . . .

During the passing of time more and more people from Ireland travelled there . . . .

This is also the reason why the English spoken in North America has changed over the years ( from a British pronounciation to an Irish pronounciation . . ) . .

From about 1800 on more and more Irish people came there and they grew so large in numbers that even the original pronounciation of the English spoken in the USA changed from British English to an Irish pronounciation . . .

I Believe we were the original Vikings.

The genetic causes, ethnic origins and history of red hair - Eupedia

The Viking Origins Of The Red Hair Gene

Did the Vikings actually bring the red hair gene to the British Isles?
Sorry but I think that is overhyped . . As far as I know red hair is strictly a Celtic / Gaelic trademark . . .

I've already voiced my belief that there are two forms of redheads around though in this Stormfront thread . . https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t12...2#post14367244

Should anyone want to comment my theory , maybe do it here ? ( I can't post on Stormfront momentarily . . .)

There are so many redhead stereotypes. and they seem to match my personality. (Being hot-headed, more sexually active, etc)

6 Facts About Redheads That You Didn’t Know (or Got Wrong)
I am a blonde ( dirty blonde hair that is . . .)

Pretty much like this . . .

I do not mean to 'put down' other European ethnicities ( I'm a pan-Europeanist ) yet as a saying goes . .

"Blondes have more fun . ."

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