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Originally Posted by ColdFire View Post
The ones with straight hair are mostly found in the U.K. , while the others are often found in Ireland . . . .
You said it on Stormfront, you are right because I actually have curly hair. I am short in height, though.

Originally Posted by ColdFire View Post
The first race ( Cauasian redheads ) are said to have evolved from blonde haired blue eyed Middle Easterners ( there were blonde-haired , blue-eyed people in the Middle East ) but just a genetic progression over the course of time . . . . .

The first can be seen as an offspring of blonde people , the second as a depigmented form of Northern Africans . . . . . .

I buy into your theory.

Some redheads might have been descendants of Negroes or Middle Easterners, it's possible that long periods of environmental isolation turned them fully White, no longer mud.
With more intelligence, more defined and mature Caucasian features.
They might have settled in regions such as Scandinavia.

"We wuz Vikangz" theory like Negroes claim is invalid because they were already White at that time, I believe.

Originally Posted by ColdFire View Post
Blondes have more fun . ."
Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
Sorry, this is one time I have to disagree with Hitler about redheads being deviants (assuming he actually said that).

All about Redheads - The World's Rarest Beauties

Wow, they are so hot.. however, as a ginger male, I have always preferred blondes.. hehe.