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Originally Posted by alex revision View Post
La police est arrivée en masse avec une quinze de combis sur une plage d’Ostende. Selon les informations de nos confrères de HLN, une dispute entre deux familles est devenue incontrôlable.
With the health dictatorship, the French will never have a seaside holiday without beaches invaded by North Africans and black suburbs

Captain Harlock
Participatory Democracy
August 13, 2020

In recent months we have covered the different aspects of the health dictatorship that is gradually being set up on a Western scale to fight against the imaginary pandemic of Covid19. On the other hand, we did not mention one of the most serious long-term consequences in France: spending your holidays by the sea surrounded by hostile Negroes and Maghrebians for the next fifty years.

This is a problem that we have simply never theorized about.

Only four months after the advent of the health dictatorship, it is already a reality. In France, it will never be possible again to spend the summer period near the sea without having to endure the presence of the most unusual and also the most ferociously antisocial populations. I'm talking about some 15 million exotic subjects, especially whole regiments of young Negroes sent to vacation centers financed by your taxes.

Macron, supreme negrifier of the French Republic, calls it, “learning vacations”.

This new summer paradigm is the direct result of the complete closure of the borders of the European Union. For the nationals of its member states, I mean. As for the masses of illegal migrants rushing to Europe, the borders remain open.

As you well know, many French people play hypocrites on the question of immigration and its practical consequences. They subordinate their votes to their petty-bourgeois interests, voting cynically for La République En Marche as long as it guarantees rents and profits. That doesn't mean, though, that these exemplary Republican voters want to spend their summer vacation surrounded by dazed Negroes flanked by their screaming and threatening offspring. Especially since the negro would soon have touched the immaculate ass of the youngest, 11 years old.

The holidays have so far resembled a sort of two-month armistice during which even the most fanatical macronists - Boomers in the lead - went quietly to bask their asses in Corsica or cool off in Brittany, very far from the big cities congested with sub-Saharans going barefoot and Algerians stricken with consanguineous stupor mounted on scooters. All while paying the head of the white racist beaufs between people of good company, in the evening at the restaurant.

But those days are over. The Maghreb people no longer have the possibility of spending the summer in Morocco, Tunisia or Algeria, being nailed to the ground in the name of antiviral control, just like the negroes of West Africa and the Turks. The kinky people of the West Indies and other remnants of empire are subjected to batteries of tests before being able to board a plane bound for one of these absurd stones. In short, the conditions of the armistice no longer exist, promiscuity with the worst mud races is now a must for everyone.

Finally a promise of equality that the Republic has managed to keep.

Concretely this means to receive on the corner of the face an unprecedented mass of allogens in all tourist places - especially the most prestigious -, bunches of black-veiled moukeres screaming at the checkout of the smallest supermarket in the last seaside town, swarms of negroes parading endlessly along the beaches, scrutinizing the white woman in a bikini eligible for gang rape in the nearest shower.

And then finally the migrants stricto sensu , taken to summer camp under the sponsorship of a volunteer Boomeuse made even more hateful by the African cock.

And all this in super concentrated camping, for the most popular categories.

I know campsites well and I am familiar with the situations where one finds oneself in a campsite suddenly invaded by Arabs and urban blacks. If I have always managed to navigate it successfully, it was not without triggering a race riot. Until now, it was diffuse, even downright marginal.

And then the first tangible inconveniences appear that leave you with an aftertaste of old Algerian piss in your mouth. Like having to simmer in a swimming pool where outrageously stupid Negroes float. Or to be next to the restaurant next to a crouille and its manicured white cagole which measures you badly. Or leave your luxury car next to a freshly arrived van where an entire family of Georgian gypsies seem to be boiling over. And if you add to that the noise and the smell, the French worker goes crazy.

All of this ruins the very concept of a vacation. The stress hardly endured the rest of the year in the daily life of the hexagonal multiracial society suddenly creeps in during the summer break, everywhere. The sodomy is obvious, it is revealed, in one block.

Just a month ago you had millions of people who firmly believed that they could manage the racial crisis called diversity by compartmentalizing the problem. From now on, it is France which has become a huge compartment for blacks and North Africans who steal your oxygen. If we add the overwhelming heat of summer 2020, it is a violent blow of bamboo on the skulls of entire tribes of cafres and bicots made even more aggressive and unpredictable than usual.

Imagine when the Bicots summer vacation falls in the middle of Ramadan. A vacation in Sudan would be nicer to you by comparison.

Lots of French people who seriously underestimated the extent of ethnic replacement are busy at this very moment being confused by bougnoules for parking spaces, cigarettes or a hand in the ass. As you read these lines, think of all those brave Macron voters who are getting badly beaten up by ultra hateful bicots who could not return to Algeria and who fell back on the Normandy coast.

And then again the rapes and half-rapes.

To mystify the last whites who will remember the time when French beaches were effectively French, the Jews will broadcast the Gendarmes again and again in Saint Tropez.

But that will only really work with Boomers.

We're going to see an unprecedented wave of depression this fall. Millions of conformist and cowardly whites will have lost this little nook located in their head where hope was nourished by this idea of ​​a preserved area of ​​France where they could always sneak away. Only the gray wall of diversity will remain, all year round. Bicots in winter, bicots in summer, always bicots, more bicots. And negroes, a swelling avalanche of negroes, as if they came out of the thickets and woods, in perpetual transhumance.

Imagine all these hotels, campsites, restaurants suddenly crammed with this free-rider, aggressive, violent, fragrant fauna, playing with the knife as one pisses and insulting in hellish sabirs the poor totally overwhelmed Frenchman who just wanted to sip pastis after a day in the beach. Imagine these scenes of systemic muddles in a country where the hotel and restaurant industry is already virtually dead.

Finally tell yourself that all this is only the meager down payment of what comes demographically. In 20 or 30 years, the smallest summer space will be a place worthy of Châtelet. Mulattoes by entire divisions sporting the glorious jersey of the France team with its baroque rooster.

And to top it off, you'll have Norman, 58, to laugh at you.

The Jews also took this, your vacation, the places of your vacation and the memories that go with it.

The only way to escape it will be to pay and pay dearly. Once again, only apparatchiks - like Norman - will be able to afford the luxury of vacations without bicots and negroes just as they already have the privilege of having residences without diversity. So that his girlfriend does not get her ass touched by Abdelkader and his brothers, it will be necessary to be able to access a private beach that is really private, that is to say heavily guarded by security guards of the Negroid type. Ditto for restaurants, bars, etc.

Unless you crack a crazy dough , you won't cut it.

Those who put you in this shit have absolutely nothing to do with it, on the contrary. They laugh about it a lot. They have their militarized kibbutz of Saint-Tropez to have fun while the proletariat sees its beaches irremediably enriched, locked up for life with the new France resulting from immigration.

Besides, after a while, as in the USSR, your vacation will be rationed and determined by the bureaucracy. You will have two weeks assigned to the beaches of Pas-de-Calais with an electronic passport to use to cross each reserved highway beacon.

All that, once again, with 3 or 4 times more Negroes and Arabs than at present.

The Jews have killed the sweetness of life.


Great article. This could be written for the British Islands too.

bicot = arab

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