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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
Oh jesus...
yep, that's one of them fish deals you put on your bumper.
(you sure you live in rural MO?)

Ode to Jesus Fish
Jesus fish,
Swimming amongst a sea of traffic.
Dirt encrusted
And weather-beaten,
It has withstood the test of time
And reason;
Always pushing against
The current,
Dedicated to the cause
Of raising awareness
Of your driver’s self-importance.
No seat belt, no air bag;
This trip is in God’s hands.
It clings obediently,
Unaware of other fish in the deep,
But prideful of its silver fins,
Flaking but brilliant
In the headlights,
Rubescent in the taillights,
Trapped between both
Like the walls of a translucent aquarium.
A fish, representing a man,
Representing an ideology,
Representing a family
Kept safe, but only symbolically –
How absurd.
An ornament of idol worship,
A bumper sticker companion,
A fish out of water;
Breathing fumes of consumption
And unsure of its destination.
Worse than a million megaHitlers all smushed together.