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Originally Posted by V.K. View Post
Isn't 75 the IQ level you are supposed to have to be classified as a retard? If so, just look at all the retarded countries in Africa.
Just think then, if not for the 5 million Whites in South Africa assisting that IQ to 72, what would it be without them?

Also it might interest Americans to know that, the IQ of the "Coloured" people here is 85 as well, just as the African-American. Clearly, this ought to dispel "environment" as the cause of their lower IQ, because lets face it, they get a much better education in America than here, especially now, and the environment is much more favorable to them than here.

Racial Admixture Studies. Black children with lighter skin, for example, average higher IQ scores. In South Africa, the IQ of the mixed-race "Colored" population averages 85, intermediate to the African 70 and White 100.

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