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The French Revisionist Vincent Reynouard imprisoned

From his Belgian prison Vincent Reynouard asks us to spread the following communiqué:

(fast translation)


Dear Friends,

Since July 9th, I am imprisoned to the prison of Forest ( Brussels).

I wait to know if I shall be extradited towards France which demands me so that I make the punishment of one year of imprisonment for which I was condemned in June, 2008 (Court decision of appeal of Colmar).

Since this date, France had aunched an European warrant for arrest against me.

I ignore if I shall be finally extradited, because it is possible that in this affair I can benefit from red tapes to obtain my release.

But I am ready for everything and the eventuality of the prison in France does not frighten me.

It would be even an honor however the activist I am.

In France, it is because a Robert Faurisson, a Paul Rassinier, a Henri Roques, Pierre Marais or a Pierre Guillaume dared to defy the taboo that a young generation was able to know the revisionism and to take back the torch which, or, would have fallen on the ground to go out.

For me, the revisionism is as a foetus which develops ceaselessly. When it will be for maturity, then the hour will have come for him to play its role.

They thus make a mistake seriously those who see in the revisionism the simple questioning of the existence of " gas chambers " in the German camps. If it was only about it, it has been a long time since the debate would be closed... But, really, the stakes in the debate exceed the historic question. And it is because it is perfectly conscious of it that Big Brother pursues mercilessly the Holocaust deniers wherever that they are.

I thus call all the real opponents of the New world Order to support the free research in history as well as the global, frontal debate and without concession led from now on more than ten years by the team of the Objective Historic Truth.

As for me, the judges know that I shall never give in. I shall pursue the fight, whatever are the risks and the consequences. For the Palestinians, for Germany and, especially, for the young generations of Europe so that they are freed of this incapacitating myth which kills our Old Continent.