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Message of July 25th, 2010

Dear friends,

First of all, thanks to all of you who, following my detention, have written to me here at Forest prison. Having neither envelopes nor stamps in sufficient number, I cannot answer, and I'm sorry for that. Still, thank you for your showings of support, which go straight to my heart. I'll ask those who wish to write me to enclose in their letters a stamped envelope (at "Europe" postal rate) for the reply.

On July 23rd the judges in Brussels declared that the arrest warrant issued for me by France was valid. Therefore extradition is now unavoidable. It will doubtless come about in ten days' time or so.

My lawyers have asked me to take certain actions to try to avoid prison in France, or at least minimize the length of detention. I shall do nothing of the sort. In effect, I want it to be possible to say that in 2010, in France, a father of eight children, aged from 1 to 17, languishes in prison simply for having publicly expressed revisionist arguments.

I want it known that in France, in 2010, a father of eight whose only weapon is a pen languishes in prison.

I'll be told in reply that, for now, 99.9% of people don't care. And it's true. But I repeat: we revisionists look further ahead, towards the day when, with the help of events, moods will change. Perhaps we'll be dead then. But when future researchers, unhindered by current taboos, study this history our history of the period 1990-2010 and see the repression of which the revisionists have been victims, then the conclusion to make will be obvious.

As I write, I think of my dear wife and my dear children.

I think of their state of mind... Yesterday, in the visiting room, Marina was crying. She told me my 14-year-old son wasn't eating and that the five "little ones" wanted their father. That hurts but, beside the fact that the Truth holds certain rights over us, if I carry on the revisionist struggle the implications of which run well beyond the realm of History I carry it on precisely for my children, as well as for other peoples' children, for the Palestinians, for Europe, and, more generally, for a world rid of this New World Order built on the ruins of the 3rd Reich.

Whatever the hardships, I will never give in. The cops, judges and prisons will make no difference. The seed has been sown; it will germinate and, some day, it will grow.


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