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Vincent Reynouard : Latest news

(fast translation)

August 7th, 2010

On August 4th, my lawyer tried last time to tear away me from the claws of the "justice". He pleaded the nullity of the European warrant for arrest which France launched against me. The audience was surrealist.

The prosecutor wanted to demonstrate that I was very present in June, 2008 in my trial in front of the Court of Appeal of Colmar. He quoted an extract of the fact that it claimed to be the ruling returned by this Court of Appeal; we asserted there that I had been present in the audience and that I had been able to express myself lastly.

Now, I am the first one to know that, not having received the summons for this appeal, I was not in the audience. The president then pointed out to the prosecutor that, in the warrant for arrest, it was specified well that the ruling of Colmar had been returned "by default", thus in my absence. Sheepish, the prosecutor then underlined that he possessed only a fragment of the copy of the ruling, thus which he did not know about it more. " Have we the completeness of this ruling? " Finally asked the president by turning to both helpers. "No", he was answered him. In brief, since July 9th the Belgian "justice" took care of my case without having one of the main parts of the file.

"Anyway", made the president, " we do not have to judge the value of the warrant for arrest; Mr Reynouard will go to explain in Colmar, it is everything. " My lawyer retorted: " forgery! The law of 2003 obliges you to verify the legality of the mandate; he has to fill seven conditions; now the sixth is not it. " At this moment the prosecutor launched : " I quote two case law which assert the opposite " (understand : which do not make obligation to the judges to appreciate the legality of the mandate). This dialogue of the deaf lasted even some minutes, then the president interrupted the debates by saying: " well. We are going to verify this detail. Judgment on Friday [in August 6th]. "

And, as expected, the magistrates finally gave reason to the prosecutor. We can however wonder about the value of the "justice" in a country where the case law opposes to the law.

This small anecdote confirms what I always said that is to say, in affairs the real Foundation of which is ideological, it's absolutely vain to hope to go out of it by using the law.

Heroic Ernst Zündel and Germar Rudolf experienced it before me, and in more painful circumstances... The revisionists are the main and the most dangerous enemies of Big Brother. For them, there is neither faith nor law. Full stop

I am thus to be extradited towards France (what I had finally never doubted).

When? Mystery. But I stand firm and shall never give in. Certainly, my body is imprisoned; obliged to stay 11 pm on 24 in 10 m2. But my spirit is free!

I thank wholeheartedly those who write me to support me and to support my admirable wife who stands firm in spite of all the problems in which a mother of 8 children struggles when her husband was deprived of her.

The real hero, here, it's her. Some of you wrote me that one day I shall have my statue. Maybe. But if this day arrive, I ask that we statufie AT FIRST my wife and my children.

Until later

Vincent Reynouard

Monsieur Vincent Reynouard
Prison de Forest
Cell. 903 C
52 avenue de la Jonction