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News of Vincent Reynouard

Passages of Vincent Reynouard's letter, to his wife, dated September 16th, 2010.

(fast translation)


I shall not describe you all that we live here on bother, on humiliations and on disappointments with the majority of the guards (not the totality, fortunately) which treat us without any kindness and refuse our requests sometimes the most justifiable. It is very simple: I learnt to ask them to nothing more. We forget me for the walk? I do not demand.

We forget me for the shower? I do not demand. (...) We refuse that I give my bread or my coffee to a neighbor who asks to me for it? I do not recriminate.

We had said to me " For your stamps, made a ' exceptional canteen ': ask for the price rates which you want, we shall buy them from you ". I made a "canteen" on September 5th. I always wait.

The day before yesterday I wrote to ask for explanations: no answer.

During this time, more 200 stamps than us had sent to me are seized and " put in the "cloakroom" a lower floor. And I, in my cell , I have not than 2 stamps anymore for France. In brief, here I am clamped. But I say nothing. I learnt to undergo...

And I do not say to you everything so that this letter is not retained by the censorship (hello to you who read!).

As say prisoners in the walk: it's the misery here.

Above everybody agrees.

I do not write you it to worry you or so that you feel sorry for my fate.

It's useless and then, as I often write it, my conditions of detention remain nevertheless bearable. Everything is affair of mental. It is necessary to learn to hope for nothing, to seize what offers and to forget without regret what is inaccessible.

I hang on to my German, to my painting and to the small library where I go 45minutes a week: on Mondays mornings, it is my small paradise in this prison.