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Apparently Avery Haines is a lesbian.

Iím lucky to have loved and been loved throughout my life. Boyfriends, a husband, parents, siblings, friends and my children. But this is a love I had never experienced before. The truest of loves, a love that has survived and flourished over yearsófrom its infancy as a secret to its maturity in marriage. Itís a love that has been embraced by my 81-year-old mum. A love that I know my dad would have cherished as well. One that had been accepted for years by my friends, colleagues, neighbours and bosses.
Itís a love that some of you hate. And tears are pouring down my face as I write those words. How could something so authentic, so beautiful and so right be a target for hate?
Mel is a woman.
And itís 2016.
And coming-out stories are so 1990s.

And she's an enemy of the White Nationalist movement.

The way I remember it, he hit on me. He invited me to a Republican National Convention after-party, gave me his phone number and his email address. Charming and confident, I snapped a picture of him standing alongside Mel as he unwittingly posed with a woman he didnít know was both Jewish and my wife.

I don't imagine she got those kids from the rat-faced Jew-hag.
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