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Default Pro 7 was- and still may be Jew-owned

I posted this fact around 2 years ago. Probably in the repulsive Jew photo gallery thread.

Here on Eva Herman:,00.html

Originally Posted by Spiegel
"...Rather than apologize or distance herself from her comments, though, she has fought back with missionary zeal in the past month, granting interviews and appearing on talk shows -- the latest being Johannes B. Kerner's show on German public broadcaster ZDF on Tuesday night.

When Kerner pressed her on whether she would repeat her statements today, Herman evaded the question. Instead, she said: If one isn't allowed to discuss Nazi family values, then neither can one talk about the German autobahns, which were built during the Third Reich. She also said it had become impossible to discuss German history without endangering one's reputation..."
This is the punk who threw her off the set, pictured at the top: