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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

All WN need to learn pattern recognition. That way, even if you lack specific knowledge, you can well guess whether the next big thing is fraudulent.

Anytime someone

- demands immediate change...for the whole world...for everyone's lifestyle
- abuses anyone who resists
- bases his claims on computer models

...you're dealing with a fraud.

Real problems don't need the hype. They bring their own.

Do WN say they have a computer model showing 20,000 white women are going to be raped by niggers next year?

No. They point to anti-White government sources admitting that in the average year at least 40,000 white women WERE raped by niggers.

You see the difference? Between a scam like global warming, with a computer monkey whipping up a warming chart, and shrieking that anyone who laughs at it needs to be thrown in prison?