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More from Adolf Hitler, by John Toland (1976)

(p. 142) Gregor Strasser admitted that nothing was more dangerous than the Russians and that there wasn't a single political party that could successfully oppose them. "Nothing can be done with talking," he said, "only action."

[Comment: Hitler turned the new party from a discussion group to an action party. Lenin and the Bolsheviks recruited actively in Germany in the 1920s. Only a group of men dedicated to crushing them had any business in politics at all. So it is, mutatis mutandis, today. Perhaps it always was. Those will to use force win; the rest suffer.]

(p. 161) Hitler was particularly interested in Mussolini's use of brute force to gain political power. "His eyes grew thoughtful...when he heard how the Blackshirts marched into Bolshevized towns and toook possession, while the garrisons kept benevolently neutral or, in some cases, even quartered the Fascisti." It only proved what could be achieved by nerve.

[Comment: The jew-left in America got its way through illegal means, force, and the threat of force. It will not yield to anything but counterforce. As noted above, the rare times the majority stands up, through the ballot box, to vote against jewy plans, the jews don't bow to the majority and say, regardless of our personal opinion we must respect the majority wishes, they initiate a campaign of mocking and hostility, discrimination and lying, and reputation-murdering, as per recent Arizona law asking nothing more than the feds enforce existing law, and protect the border.]

(p. 170) [Hitler on Streicher] "The truth is the opposite of what people say: he idealized the Jew. The Jew is baser, fiercer, more diabolical than Streicher depicted him."

(p. 170) [Hitler's] movement cut across all social classes and so all types were drawn to him - the intellectual, the street fighter, the fanatic, the idealist, the hooligan, the condottiere, the principled and the unprincipled, laborers and noblemen. [...] He was all things to many while he himself was ready to accept anyone who offered fealty in the battle for Germany's resurrection against the machinations of Jewish Marxism.

(p. 174-5) [American] Hanfstaengel...was particularly impressed with the speaker's clear blue guileless eyes. "There was honesty, there was sincerity, there was suffering and the dignity of mute entreaty."

[Comment: Will take the same thing in a leader today. Conjure any politician you can think of WN or mainstream. Does one even come close to the description of Hitler? Is there any real leadership in a "they look white to me" type, or a fat-gutted grinning shiteater who agrees that "the" "'holocaust'" was a real and horrible thing?]

(p. 175) [Hitler] "We have to fight with ideas, but, if necessary, also with our fists."

[Comment: There is no way to defeat the jews and their System without force.]

(p. 180) [of Hitler, said by his landlady] Though he paid his rent punctually and in advance, he was "a real Bohemian type."

[Comment: Most so-called WN efforts, groups, people are bourgeois, not Bohemian. They are in fact conservatives, not radicals. As Rockwell pointed out, their propaganda is exclusively targeted at the upper middle class, being always factual, reasonable and educated. The NS knew that all groups must be targeted. As we saw above, the implicit conservatives imagining they are radicals hate above all else the methods that work (violence) and the appeals that move (emotional). The irony is that these men who vaunt reason yet reject its evidence, whereas the emotional radical, Hitler, obeyed objective findings.]

(p. 185) [Hitler] "The mass, the people, to me is a woman" [...] "Someone who does not understand the intrinsically feminine character of the mass will never be an effective speaker. Ask yourself what does a woman expect from a man? Clearness, decision, power, action...

[Comment: What do the implicit conservatives offer? Tepid jokes. Proof. Mild, even tones. Who do they move? Nobody.]

(p. 186) All of the Russian emigres were fanatically dedicated to the destruction of Bolshevism and most of them were imbued with the czarist solution to the Jewish conspiracy -- terror and brute force. To such zealots social and economic anti-Semitism were effete and ineffective methods. Only the pogrom worked.

[Comment: Again observe that people experienced in dealing with jews say exactly the same thing: violence is the only way to stop it. Exactly the opposite of the advice coming from the ecru schoolmarms.]

(p. 188) [Hanfstaengl believed the] country to reckon with was America with its tremendous industrial potential. "If you have them on the other side you will lose any future war before you start it." (Hanfstaengel, Harvard grad, became Hitler's foreign press chief) Hitler grunted and made no reply but it was obvious that the argument "had not really sunk in."

[Comment: As the jews say, don't plow too deep to see over your own furrow. Or, keep your eye on the big picture. It could be the stuff you're not even thinking about that strikes you down. Hitler was worried about expanding eastward into Russia, not the U.S. Elsewhere Hanfstaengel is described as offering to teach Hitler English so he could get a clearer view of how he was playing or being played internationally. Hitler never said yes or no, but never learned English.]

(p. 189) He had turned the world upside down: France, England and America had really lost the war. Germany was the eventual winner since she was freeing herself from the Jews. If Hitler was deceiving himself, he also had succeeded in deceiving his listeners. Hitler skillfully appealed to primitive emotions and when audiences left meetings they remembered few details, only that they must join Hitler's crusade to save Germany;[...] that the Jews must be put in their place.

[Comment: Appealing to primitive emotion works. The marrow is what must be tapped to achieve the result. The brain is necessary, but for planning and organizing. Not for supplying motivation. This is something the PhDs are congenitally unable to understand. ]

(p. 190) Hitler also had the rare ability to involve his listeners in the proceedings. "When I talk to people," he told Hanfstaengl, "especially those who are not yet Party members, or who are about to break away for some reason or other, I always talk as if the fate of the nation was bound up in their decision. That they are in a position to give an example for the many to follow. Certainly it means appealing to their vanity and ambition, but once I have got them to that point, the rest is easy." All men, rich or poor, he said, had an inner sense of unfulfillment. "Slumbering somewhere is the radiness to risk some final sacrifice, some adventure, in order to give a new shape to their lives. They will spend their last money on a lottery ticket. It is my business to channel that urge for political purposes. In essence, every political movement is based on the desire of its supporters, men or women, to better things not only for themselves but for their children and others... The humbler people are, the greater the craving to identify themselves with a cause bigger than themselves, and if I can persuade them that the fate of the German nation is at stake, then they will become part of an irresistible movement, embracing all classes."

[Comment: Don't take your political advice for losers (conservatives). Take it from winners, jews and NS. Do jews use facts and reason and calmness to attack their normal white enemies? Hell no. They use lies and snobbery and vicious stereotyped appeal to hate. Did NS calmly point out jewish hypocrisy, unfairness and double standards? No, they crushed jewskulls and made films showing jews to be two-footed vermin.]

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