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Randal Goode
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Randal Goode

A month or so ago I watched a Japanese movie on one of the "movie channels" on the dish, one of those jobs you have to read the subtext on the screen because of the language. I don't know much about Japan, but if that movie was even remotely anything like how it is over there, it is small wonder there is not much crime.

It was a pretty good movie, even with having to read the subtext. Usually I don't last long with one of those. But this one was good. A cop movie. Pretty new, 2010 or 2011. Most of it was about two partners hunting down some kind of outfit. Pretty cool. Everyone smoking cigs. They pretty much roughed up everyone they came up with. The one partner was scrappy and was the one doing most of the roughing up of everyone. One scene he whipped up on some drug head after the guy wouldn't talk to them. At one point the cops had someone at the police station "questioning" him. They had him laid out on some kind of table-chair-like contraption; his shirt off, his hands bent back around the table handcuffed underneath and a towel over his face, beating bloody hell out of him, lol.