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An interesting read, thank you for posting it. In my experience with observing some countries and how they deal with issues like weapon control, in particular, obviously gun control; there seems to be an interesting dynamic that illuminates itself and something that you probably won't see as much in the USA or Switzerland.

The gun control laws do a few things that ironically hamper such a society as they know it. I'm sure everyone has heard of the Yakuza as well as similar crime organizations like the Triads in China and even Korean mafias. In their home countries, these organizations are quite open about their affairs to the public and can simply do what they wish with the general public with the knowledge that there's not much that they or local police can really do about it without some incriminating evidence. For these organizations as you'd guess, it's really no problem obtaining firearms and other contraband and furthermore it's not an issue to flaunt it without a real second thought to their own will.

Especially in countries like Japan, it sort of becomes a free reign of taking what you wish and how you wish. Japan is already a society that plays elitist with itself to where failure amongst simply not getting into college or not holding a job creates an alarming suicide rate. While gun laws can be seen as a sort of evil to most of the world, one must be prepared for the repercussions it causes. As long as there's someone with the will to do so, they can get a gun. They can pick up a knife or drive a car straight into a crowd of people - check the statistics in those countries that hold such strict gun laws and learn some of the criminological mapping. I think you'll find some interesting things like the article highlights at some points.