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Angry UN: Zwarte Piet racist, must stop

D. of Unending | 22-10-13 | 12:14 |

The investigation of Zwarte Piet by the United Nations is not ready yet, but head of the UN Working Group Verene Sheperd has already finished her opinion. "The working group can not understand why Dutch do not see that this is a return to slavery and that in the 21st century this festival has to stop," said the Jamaican Sheperd opposite EénVandaag.

Shepherd freely admits still to have to complete the investigation but have. As a man with a tan her opinion already formed "As a black person I say, if I lived in the Netherlands, I'd be against it." My personal opinion is that this should not happen. In the 21st century It is offensive, we do not take to the streets and say, this is how all white people look like or that is how all white people look. We do not, we do not do that! "Said Verene Sheperd.

As far as Prime Minister Mark Rutte Shepherd takes the first step towards abolition of Christmas. "The prime minister has the power to influence the group that maintains this habit. To change this and to his influence"

The group visiting our country soon to close to it. Sinterklaas of the Also the last edition, which concerns Shepherd. "What's wrong with one Santa Claus, why two Santa Clauses?"

Verene Sheperd


"Were the Dutch but gassed in World War II."

By Morpheus • October 22, 2013

The Dutch media live from hype to hype the built-speed internet. On the other hand, many people get their newsworthy present therefore the Internet. You read this is the best proof of it! Partly to statements that used to go now rapidly be national news. Pub for by talking through this medium

Similarly, this exponent of the multicultural society: @ Imadima on the Internet. What ever bralden marginalized in the pub, they Bralt now on Twitter by a few thousand people at once. Of course it is shocking to see how far the gratitude of this second generation immigrant reaches.

But it is clear to her how quickly a careless thoughtless message the Internet is about. More than 1500 Dutch have taken the trouble to send it to her via Twitter, a hate message / death threat a few dozen people have registered and the police are looking for her. Of course she put in the internet storm her account locked, but the internet generation stands for nothing nowadays.

After the Christmas hype, this is now the issues of the day the news of this week. Let's hope we soon pick up the thread in the Netherlands and that the problems that we as a country have become entangled again interpreted and spit out!