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Angry Zoetermeer gives grant for radicalization approach

31 Oct 2013

ZOETERMEER - The mayor and aldermen to Stichting BEAUTIFUL! a grant available to radicalization. together with a set up by the Al Qibla mosque directors association among Islamic youth against These are actions and measures that carry a preventive character.

The aim of the project is that by using a number of Islamic youth Youth work is achieved and guided. In addition, the emphasis on support for the daily problems is (for example: work, school, finances, social relationships) and a meaningful day and leisure activities. Mentors and role models are used to try to increase their social network. Other tools used are providing information and providing training.
Religious questions

The municipality or the youth does not attack on religious questions. Then referred to the volunteers of the association. The project is also paid to relatives of the young people concerned.

Zoetermeer in March 2013 was confronted with the phenomenon of 'Syriėgangers. The probability that there is radicalization and radicalized fighters in return Netherlands and constitute a threat to public order and safety is present.