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Thumbs down Free health care and education for illegal immigrants.

Nicole Besse Link - 11/06/13, 05:16

The Labour Party should change the bill that criminalizes illegal stay in the Netherlands. That is party chairman Hans Spekman, who yesterday an advisory to the PvdA presented on the humanitarian consequences of this controversial measure from the coalition. According to Spekman is the law as it is now on the table is not enough human and basic rights for illegal immigrants such as education and health care at risk.

The party chairman and former spokesman asylum in the House is concerned that undocumented parents their children will keep home and also do not dare go out, once fined them over the head will hang. "Who is afraid as to be illegally arrested immediately dare not go to school or not go to a hospital," says the report of the Labour-led working group Spekman. "That should never happen."

In addition, the current proposal goes according Spekman against another agreement between VVD and PvdA, namely the fight against human trafficking and exploitation. By victims of trafficking set a fine prospect will be less inclined to ask for his help and declaration. Therefore they threaten to flee deeper into the illegality and to be traffickers, unscrupulous employers and repeat victimization. Still vulnerable

The group wants the PvdA changes and enforces guarantees by the government: children must also illegal under the new rules until their eighteenth go to school students and above that age are allowed to have their studies and internships can expire. Furthermore, the police schools and health authorities do not use as detection location, it must be 'free havens. And particularly vulnerable groups such as victims of trafficking should be the penalty. Spare

"I think the group that opinion should weigh heavily," said Spekman. The working group was set up this spring after a fierce debate erupted about the criminalization of illegal residence. Within the party A majority of the members spoke out against the appointment with the VVD. The report is partly based on discussions with members and an elaboration of motions adopted and commitments. "This opinion is not binding for the group but not optional."

Labour MP Marit Maij speaks of a 'good advice' and sees it as a 'boost'. It should stay that children are educated to eighteen years and that medically necessary care is accessible to everyone without papers. "Those safeguards should be incorporated in the law."