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Originally Posted by Crowe View Post
I recently picked up soldering, specifically electronics. I did a lot of research online before I attempted to fix my old laptop. But I was successful. I took the entire laptop apart completely to look for any reason why it wouldn't post, and on close examination found a spot near the CPU where the solder broke. I had an old junk PC and I pulled the motherboard out and practiced on that first. I have another test subject to try soldering on later - a broken X box 360 (RROD'd). Apparently there is a fix kit for it online, but it requires soldering.

In the last several years I've attempts to learn more about PC hardware, and eventually built my own PC successfully from parts I ordered. It was remarkably simple to assemble. Its just an area of knowledge I think would be beneficial to learn. And learning soldering sorta expands on that a bit. I like to dabble in a variety of trades/skills.
Yeah building PCs isn't too hard but you can make some decent extra cash if you can find people willing to let you build them nice computers with 'custom' (aka not that crap from Dell) cases.