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Originally Posted by N.B. Forrest View Post
I learned how to get rid of cherry angiomas, those fugly, bright-red benign moles made up of clumps of blood vessels. I figured why pay a dermatologist hundreds of Simoleons to remove the bastards if I can? Plus, the OTC home "remedies" for them cost $80 a bottle and take days if not weeks, which is almost as bad. It's very simple: I just took a nail, heated it up with a lighter, and applied it Chisum Trail-style; they get black from the soot and scab over, then dry up. One protest moo, then I loosened the lasso on my ankles and trotted off indignantly into the range....

Don't try to cut the damn things off, though: I didn't, but I'm told they bleed like hell, forcing a trip to the ER.
Damn. Now that's taking problems into your own hands.