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SAD is multicurtural nation (racial and national) and normal is that they have much more violence with weapons than Japan. I don't know with racial question in Japan but I can draw conclusion that in Japan is this question better than in SAD and that is reason why in Japan we have lower murder with wepon than in SAD.
All colonized countries with whites can only unite in colonised territory within race-this is strong unpopular worldwide,but Japan can within his people,country and his own race (people in Japan always can speak about loyal his country If the want protect his race,and not only Japan,that can all all nations who are not colonized-National Socialism is only the answer).
First what white people in SAD must known is race question (If they understand this-that will be big job for better furure),and promote separation whites of non-whites (in situation today they can't this because jews control money).
I don't know how many people in whites colonized areas love his country and have understand that he must "forget" his offical roots who they have in Europan countryes,because If they love his offical nation than they will be better that they go back in Europe,but If they don't have this opinion,they must be National Sociast. In general colonized areas is really specific but SAD is the most specific because they are many union with many countryes,maybe some people can say "I love Texas and my opinion is that Texas must be separate of SAD and all non-whites"-I think that you understand me.
Best would be that the nations is homogenous and apply principles Germany for Germans,Italy for Italian etc.-with limited number of foreigners (non-whites can't live as foreigners-they can't live in general in white country in my vision).

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