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Günter Deckert sentenced for calling the Jews a race

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2004 9:32 PM

Subject: Appeal

In the Appeal before the Mannheim Landgericht - Regional Law Court in the case "the system brddr-Germany" against Günter Deckert who had used in a report the expression "Rasse- und Religionsgenossen" (comrades of race and religion) against the Jew and "boss" of the Nürnberg "Israelitische Kultusgemeinde, a certain Arno Hamburger, who had called Günter Deckert a criminal several times in public. Hamburger's comments were also published by the Nürnberg media.

As Günter Deckert was aggrieved over such a slur, he took Hamburger to court but the matter was rejected for a hearing, and in turn Deckert was given the legal treatment again with Hans-Heiko Klein leading the charge against Deckert.

This was interesting because it was not the DPP in Nürnberg that initiated legal action against Deckert, but the DPP's Hans-Heiko Klein in Mannheim, who had previously succeeded in getting Deckert sent to prison.

The appeal was a strange affair because from the beginning the judge and two Schöffen - male and female, and usually members of a political party - suggested that both aprties ought to withdraw their applications and settle the matter without it going to an appeal.

"The public prosecutor´s appeal asked for a prison sentence of 15 months compared to a fine of about 7500 Deutschmark handed down by the Weinheim county/district court), whilst Deckert's appeal aimed at an acquittal.

Deckert states:

"The judge's behaviour made it clear that he was willing to rule "Not guilty", but at best to refuse either appeal. After consulting my lawyer (possible costs, consequences for my family - prison again?) I agreed to the "deal" after "klein" had consented before, but insisted on having the amount of the fine discussed, as my personal financial situation had aggravated. "klein", to my surprise, consented again. - My lawyer pleaded for 10 € as a daily rate (x 150 days). "klein", again to my surprise, did not comment on that.

"The court adjourned to discuss the case, and returned about 20 minutes later. The presiding judge declared that they worked out a daily rate of 28 €, though the way and method of reachign this sum was not made clear. But he would not change the daily rate of 25 € of the former sentence (to be paid in a monthly rate of 100 €). This decision can be appealed against before the regional law court of Nordbaden at Karlsruhe. I am willing to do so, as the way and the method of the fine is hard to understand, and, above all, because my wife having nothing to do with the case, has been punished as well in the style of "Sippenhaft" (liability of all the members of a family).

"As I am still without personal income - I will have a small pension in a year's time - my wife already "feeding" me these past years, would have to pay for the daily rates, too.

"I therefore will have the possibility of converting the fine into a prison sentence (no more than three months ... - a "nothing" compared to the 49 months behind the bars + 11 months in the "open prison" that I have already endured.

"There is also the possibility of doing 150 "days" of community work.

"All the political friends and comrades present in court as well as my lawyer shared my opinion that the "deal" had already been worked out before between "klein" and the judge. So far there has been NO other evidence to explain the fact why "klein" and I have endured such a peaceful behaviour.

"I recall the long period I had to deal with the public prosecutor from the date I had been elected president of the NPD in June 1991 - see Deckert(-Leuchter) trials - to 1995. I plan to publish the whole case in form of a documentation (size A4 or A5) to inform a larger public. Anyone interested, please, contact me as soon as possible.

"I will send out an appeal for financial help once I known the total of the costs (law court, expert, lawyer), as at present I have no idea if it will be possible for me - as a nationwide known right-winger - to "work in a social institution". I myself would not have any problems in serving another two or three months of prison, but my family - wife, daughter, grand-children - sure do not want to hear anything about that.

"I will let you know when everything will be "on the table". - I ask you to inform your "friends and comrades" in which way you think suitable. I thank you. - Everybody is free to publish this text.

Sincerely yours

Günter Deckert

[email protected]

Günter Deckert

This German martyr was first sentenced to twenty-four months for irreverently abbreviating the word Holocaust to "Holo." He was given a further twenty-seven months for publishing the first judgment against him, and for words allegedly spoken by David Irving, which he did not in fact say (but which, according to the indictment, Mr Irving might have intended to say.) Another one month's jail was added because he compared the destruction of his home by a police unit to the methods of the [East German] "Stasi" secret police. Three more months were added, because he asked Mr Mannheimer some awkward questions about his stay at the Dachau concentration camp. The questions were awk-ward, because they confronted Mannheimer with evident contra-dictions. The basis for the Mann-heimer-sentence was "expressing doubts about the persecution" of a Holocaust survivor. The German regime punishes "doubts" with a minimum of three months jail. Thus, Germans are punished for doing something man inherits from nature - to doubt. Now, Deckert is convicted for calling the Jews a race!



Günter Deckert was a reporter at the Sylvia Stolz trial in Mannheim recently. You can read his account of the trial in the Sylvia Stolz thread of this sub-forum.