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Default Gary Christian is asking for OUR help

I just went to the Knoxville Sentinal's website and listened, for the first time, to Deena and Gary Christian after this was announced.

For anyone who hasn't listened to Gary's own words about his complete and utter contempt for what this country has become, you NEED to hear what he has to say:

Deena talks first, and then Gary starts talking, holding back tears. Listen to everything he says, he speaks for quite a while.

This man is asking for OUR help in this bloody disgraceful drama that has played out in Knoxville for five years now.

Linder: We have a fucking obligation to return to Knoxville for these new trials and have a presence to support these two sets of parents.

Can we start planning something now?

On a side related note:

I called the AJC this morning from my home and talked to the City Desk Editor or whatever her fucking title is, Shawn McIntosh, about why the AJC has not written one damn word about this crime, then or now.

The conversation I had was enough to make me want to put my fist through her face, but I maintained my civility because I hoped that maybe, just maybe they might write something on this crime.

At first, she barely knew what I was talking about, but when I mentioned C&C, she said that rang a tiny bell. Uh huh.

I won't go into all the details about the conversation, but suffice to say that her attitude was both predictable and fucking unbelievable at the same time.

The mainstream news/jews media in this country will see their industry destroyed before they would ever admit any wrongdoing. They are complete fucking unrepentant scum and will never change.

She told me she was going right then to talk to the Editor about the possibility of covering this crime, then and now.

I'll be watching the AJC to see if they write anything. But not holding my breath.

Again, Linder, we must go and support this poor man and his wife who have been through so much.

You people should not have to be begged to do this, damnit.
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