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Sam Emerson
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Sam Emerson

Fred said:
Originally Posted by Fred Streed
But anyway, what should be our overall goal? The reason for doing all of this? Where are we trying to get to? I'm not looking for "blue sky" answers, like "regain control of our own destinies, or nations. Concrete answers are needed. Specifics. Like what are we going to do with the kikes? The niggers? The spics?
A free White nation. Kikes, niggers and spics gone. Niggers back to Africa, spics to whatever country they come from. I expect kikes will head for Israel or some other hideout long before we're in a position to do anything about them.

But this is premature. The architecture of the White state will be decided by its founders. I prefer private enterprise to socialism so that's what I'll be advocating.

The first order of business is making the day when Whites have to make those decisions possible by creating a White media, financial and cultural infrastructure. That's priority one.