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So do it.

We need fresh talent.

TAA is important, but not top of my agenda. I have bigger fish to fry. I'm not drawing checks from the government, and I don't have a private pension. You can trust I'm working on what's most important for the cause.

Feel free to produce an issue and use the money collected to print it. Pass it to me, I'll proof it. Otherwise you can wait till I'm done. I will promise to do two issues a year, minimum. But that's about all I want to do, aside from proofing. I will set a deadline of June 30 for 4, and I will meet it. If that's not good enough, then do something about it with my full blessing.

I got out of print publishing for a reason. If I take the time to do TAA right, then I won't update the front page for two weeks, and people will bitch about that, and rightly so. It's a better use of my time to work on VNN. I don't need the hassle of maintaining expanding lists of subscribers, and $5 checks that cover costs. It's just multiplying work and taking up space and time I don't have.

WN has to get beyond chattering. We have some good folks, and we have people willing to put out some money. We need talent - is it there? Where are the organizers and leaders?