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Norman Lowell
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Norman Lowell
Default Alliance of European Nationalist Movements

Convention in Milan, Italy of the AENM on 6th & 7th July 2012.

This is the gist of my speech, delivered in Italian.

Greetings, it is good to be here amongst fellow Europeans. All drawn by a desire to save the Old Continent, this lovely bit of earth, pushed into the Atlantic by the Eurasian continent. A mostly cold climate, not exactly laden with natural resources: but possessing that creative spark that gave the world everything.

Today, after two fratricidal wars we are depleted, tired. Our enemies swarm over us and contemptuously elbow us aside. We are not allowed even to defend ourselves and our progeny. We are seemingly at the end.

Why is this? Because we were never truly united: our various Nationalisms kept us divided and envious of each other. This cannot go on - it is time now to Unite.

I do understand that various Nationalist Groups are sick and tired of this EU. They want OUT! – But don’t they realize that we, pulling the same rope, united can change this mercantile Europe?

Not only We, of Imperium Europa are against the very idea of leaving the EU – we are convinced, determined that we can together, change it – give a tug at the rudder. From a mercantile Europe we want to create a Europe based on Nature’s principles of survival, towards a secure future - indeed, a glorious one.

We have to unite. Leave our differences aside, since after all they are only superficial and not of great portent. As Haider used to say: “We have to forge a strong united group in Bruxelles: Nova Europa” – and give hope and courage to our Peoples.

On our part in Malta, we will launch this year 2012, a year of galactic importance for our Gaia – we will launch Imperium Europa. A strong IDEA! Politically it translates into a Europe of Regions and Peoples. Free Regions and Peoples, truly free, maintaining their traditions, customs, dialects, regional laws and mode or style of living. All protected by the strongest Imperium that the world has ever seen.

An Imperium for Europids – and Europids only!

This is our Vision and we will fight for it in Bruxelles. Humbly, but with European spirit and fervor, we invite you all to participate with us in this battle of Civilisation.

Magna Europa est Patria Nostra.

Norman Lowell